Alpha is the faculty association for the study associations and magazines of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. ALPHA was founded in 1999, when the Faculty of Humanities was also founded at the UvA. There was a need for an umbrella organisation that could support the study associations and magazines at the relatively young faculty. ALPHA still fulfils this role: a platform where all study associations and magazines of the faculty can get help from and can find each other.

ALPHA stimulates mutual collaboration between its members, proposes initiatives for associations and magazines, supports its members with a financial contribution and practical matters and organizes events such as the Christmas gala and the football tournament for the students of the Faculty of Humanities. Besides the contact between its members, ALPHA acts as the link between the study associations and magazines on the one hand and the other organisations of the University of Amsterdam on the other. Every year ALPHA has several general council meetings (ARVs) and magazine consultations that focus on the subsidy distribution and the role of ALPHA.


In addition to regular subsidies, ALPHA also offers support for so-called ‘big projects’. This money was previously meant to organize the Festival of Humanities, but since last year it is possible to organize multiple big events, set up and organized by the study associations themselves. Study associations and magazines are encouraged to work together in the organization of an event which is not only remarkable by its size, but also has the goal to put the Humanities in the limelight. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and don’t miss anything!


We meet our members multiple times a year during the general member assembly, the general council meetings (for study associations) and magazine meetings (for magazines). If you are planning on establishing a study association or magazine at the Faculty of Humanities, you can always contact us for advice and a possible membership.


Chair – Janneke Bosman

Secretary – Fréderique Hannen

Treasurer – André Yaïr Laros-Kastiël


Algemeen Platform Humaniora Amsterdam
Faculteitsvereniging der Geesteswetenschappen
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134, room 2.01F
1012 VB Amsterdam

Phone: 020 525 4622

IBAN: NL59 INGB 0008 7431 20 t.n.v. Algemeen Platform Humaniora Amsterdam