The study associations play an important role within the faculty. They organize activities, both study-related and social, and they also often keep in touch with the teachers of the field of study to which they are linked. ALPHA supports the study associations by providing various forms of subsidies, advocacy, and practical support. The main subsidy form relates to subsidizing activities. ALPHA is also committed to collaboration between magazines and study associations. Finally, ALPHA also coordinates the organization of events that are organized annually with most of the associations, such as the Christmas Gala and the Football Tournament of the Humanities.


A number of magazines are associated with the Faculty of Humanities. These magazines are published several times a year and consist of articles written by students, teachers and people from the field of discipline. ALPHA offers magazines various forms of subsidy and offers them practical support. The most important form of subsidy subsidizes the production and design costs of the magazine. The magazines and ALPHA meet during the magazine meetings.